Handee Products

Robust design to give years of trouble-free, accurate cutting.

Durable 'Handee' Cheese cutters are available in plastic or stainless steel.

Plastic Model

Formed in one piece urea formaldehyde, this model offers a lightweight version suitable for all establishments. The material is completely resistant to chemical action from cheeses.

Stainless Steel Model

This variation has been produced for users who prefer a weighter model which will withstand heavy-duty use for a considerable time. Like the plastic version, it is not attacked by acids from cheeses.

Both machines are 33cm by 28cm.

Replacement Wires

Replacement wires (60cm) for 'Handee' cheese cutters for both models are available in dozen lots and can be fitted in seconds. Stranded replacement wires are also available in dozen lots.

Handles and wires for cutting whole cheeses
Constructed from polypropylene with brass inserts and complete with 90cm wires, these handle sets will last for years. Use for cutting whole round cheeses. Replacement wires (90cm) in dozen lots are available.